SpicyTrip’s New App Spices Up Travel by Connecting Travelers and Other Adventure Seekers

SpicyTrip features a simple interface and identity verification services to foster safe connections

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, January 21, 2022 SpicyTrip has announced its new app that connects travelers with other travelers or locals looking to make exciting new connections. The app will redefine the travel experience, giving users a new way to seek out adventure and explore their destinations while making new friends or even romantic connections.

”An excellent app! You can meet travellers from random places, and if you're lucky enough, you might even travel with them.”


Many travelers want to engage in exciting new experiences when exploring the world. Part of the excitement of the travel experience is meeting new people from all over the globe. SpicyTrip capitalizes on these desires by giving travelers an easy way to find others near them who are also looking to meet new people, whether those people are other travelers or locals looking for excitement.

The app boasts an intuitive interface, substantial features, and an intelligent algorithm that shows users who are also traveling in the area that may want to make a connection. Users can then reach out in app to their potential connections to discover shared interests, travel plans, key destinations they want to explore in the area, and more.

Whether travelers are looking for a friend to explore exciting new locations with, someone to meet them at the airport, a local host, or a potential romantic partner, SpicyTrip offers an easy and affordable way for travelers to connect with people who have a shared interest in expanding their social circles with other adventure-seekers.

Users can also use the app to invite others on the platform to visit their countries and cities and even offer to host them. These connections with locals can help make the travel experience richer and more comfortable for travelers and give visitors exciting local insights into unfamiliar cities. And for those looking for romantic encounters with other adventure seekers, the possibilities are endless.

The app also delivers peace of mind with stringent security and identity verification processes. All users on the app must confirm their identities before they can make connections with others on the platform. With these checks in place, travelers can enjoy a stress-free connection experience and truly enjoy the locale they're exploring with someone who shares the same sense of adventure and interest in meeting other people.

"An excellent app! You can meet random people from random places, and if you're lucky enough, you might even travel with them,” said Burak, SpicyTrip founder. “With SpicyTrip, get ready to connect with your matches, pack your suitcase, and meet like-minded people from all around the world. The app gives you a chance to share your stories and your country's best jokes or taste the best traditional foods, visit the hidden gems, and most importantly, stay safe and have fun while doing it.”

SpicyTrip has free and paid options and is available for download for iOS and Android devices.